Euromillions draw of Tuesday 16 July

38 millions €

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Euromillions draw of Friday 19 July

53 millions €

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Euromillions draw of Tuesday 23 July

More than 17 millions €

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Why MyEuroCloud? The idea myeurocloud comes from a simple observation, you have a tiny chance that your grid Euromillions is the winning grid. This is also true for the grids played by other players. It is therefore more interesting to play a grid that has not yet been played by another person. Thus, the number of different grids played for a draw increases, which increases the probability of a winning grid. Indeed, what good is playing a grid that has already been played by someone else because we can be pretty sure that it will lose? Before validating your ticket, check that the grid you want to play has not already been saved (magnifying glass). Once you have chosen your game, inform the other players by validating your grid (green tick). Thank you in advance for your participation, the more we are to use this service the more we have a chance to win!
Have the reflex myeurocloud before playing your grids euromillions!

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